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Digital whiteboard

Digital Whiteboards are Interactive Flat Panels(IFP’s) with touch screen. In early days they were used for business presentations. Today, smartboards are an essential classroom technology devices that give teachers and students a more flexible way to present lessons than with a computer and projector.

Visualizer Document Camera

Visualizers enable teachers and students to instantly stream vivid images of any object—living or inanimate, still or moving, flat or 3D—in real time to a large audience with amazing HD clarity. Visualizers combine the best teaching applications of digital cameras, video cameras, overhead projectors and magnifiers into a straightforward, compact device.

Lecture & Event capture cams

Professional PTZ Cameras are specially designed for distance learning and lecture recording, and perfectly suited for any educational environment. Integrated live broadcasting and streaming functions paired with unique auto-tracking technology allow you to capture every important detail and share lectures in real time. Students can break free from the boundaries of the traditional classroom by connecting with each other or participating in class remotely and affordably.

Learning software

Virtual classroom software enables instructors to deliver distance learning experiences through a combination of video conferencing, collaboration and participation, and assessment features. Educators use this software to provide engaging eLearning experiences, both in real time and through playback recordings for students to access material wherever and whenever.

Interactive control box

Interactive Control Box is an indispensable stand-alone Android™ module that easily connects to any display and converts traditional classroom equipment into robust student-engagement tools. There’s no need to download any additional apps or software - simply enjoy powerful Screen Share technology that supports Airplay®, Mira Cast®, and Chromecast™ mirroring. Additionally, the four-way split screen enables side-by-side comparisons and group collaboration during lectures.

Charging and Sync carts

Charging & Sync Carts for tablets and charge carts for tablets, Chromebooks and netbooks ensures each device is neatly stored, securely contained and ready for the day's activities. These are a type of specialized all in one charging solutions which are equipped with high-end charging technologies; like smart cycle or intelligent charging, that make sure all devices are optimally charged for use and protected from charging overloads to help increase the life of classroom devices.

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