How to code in Python: GCSE, iGCSE, National 4/5 and Higher

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Ensure every student can become fluent in Python with this highly practical guide that will help them understand the theory and logic behind coding. Written for 14-16-year olds by a leading Python specialist and teacher, and aligned to curriculum requirements, this essential Student Book provides numerous practice questions and coding problems that can be completed as homework or during class - plus answers can be found online at How to Code in Python will: > Provide hundreds of coding examples, puzzles and problem-solving tasks to strengthen computational thinking skills required for GCSE, iGCSE and National 4 / 5 success > Help students become proficient in computational thinking and problem-solving using Python > Provide easy-to-follow explanations of concepts and terminology > Feature plenty of opportunities for self-assessment with solutions to coding problems available online This unique book can be broken down into three key features: > Code theory and explanations (worked examples) in a fun and accessible way > Computational thinking puzzles for the reader to solve; this will greatly improve students' ability to read code and predict its effect and output when run > Programming problems where the reader has to write a program to solve given scenarios Greg Reid is a very experienced Computer Science teacher in Scotland, who has written How to Pass Higher Computer Science and Higher Computing Science Practice Papers for Hodder Gibson.


Publisher: Hodder Education
ISBN: 9781510461826
Number of pages: 144
Weight: 440 g
Dimensions: 296 x 210 x 10 mm

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